Saturday, 6 October 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Kenneth J Nash, he's certainly one to watch

Just like the English rose he emulates so beautifully, the past few weeks for Kenneth J Nash have been bloomin' marvellous! Initially we were greeted with the news that Kenneth had been added to the setlist for his favourite music festival, preparing to stun audiences with a storytelling mystique crafted by many years writing, playing and experiencing music. And although the exact details remain unbeknown to us muggle folk I'm sure whichever event it is will fall head over heels in love with him. But things don't end there by any means...
Promptly afterwards it was announced that Kenneth would support Mark Geary and Hannah Aldridge later this year, earning his debut album Under A Gypsy Moon radio airplay across the world. And thus there came an influx of interest from one Los Angeles-based label in particular, before travelling to south west England to pen more ever-sorrowful dark folk ballads for a future release with this LA record label (we hope!)
Out of a whole range of musicians here in Northamptonshire Kenneth J Nash has to be one of the most talented and most original I've heard in a while. He and his band The Earls have the ability to emanate so much pure emotion in their music be it through darkly warped guitar whispers, heartfelt bluesy poetry or the occasional show off hip-hop piece once in a while (You think I'm kidding? Check this out!), fast becoming one of the most varied and popular acts in the county today. I've got a feeling Kenneth J Nash is a man you'll be hearing a lot more of very, very soon.



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