Saturday, 13 October 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Nathan Major - London Centric

As a British resident over the past eight months I've been inundated with images of our capital: mishaps in Parliament, pageants down the Thames, concerts in Hyde Park or those inspirational four weeks of Olympic and Paralympic legacy. And it appears the city too has captured the imagination of self-produced musical talent Nathan Major, choosing to dub the more electronic-based follow up to his debut album London Centric.

Have you ever noticed how some people take an absolute era to release their next album and it ends up sounding rubbish whereas others can slap them out in a heartbeat? Well following the demise of Oxfordshire band Nation, Nathan's first shot at lone success sky-rocketed him into the media attention of Amazing Radio and Whispering Bob Harris, and just over a year on London Centric is equally as incredible as the last.

Strangely Familiar provides an explosive opening with its anthem-heavy intro and supersized choruses, however as the album progresses Nathan Major's synth-loving, groovier side begins to emerge. There's a prominent 70's influence from the start (take the massive crescendos of I Know You're Mine or two minute instrumental Indian Summer for example) with a handful of slower stripped-back numbers later on, and by the curtin call you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief safe in the knowledge that good, versatile pop music is still very much alive.

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