Exclusively to Bedge Music this is Leave My House, the new single from the futuristic electro band The Electroscopes. Supported by BBC Introducing, XFM and M Magazine, I've described them as "The Orb and Royksopp collaborating to remix The Presets, but still managing to sound contemporary and futuristic in this day and age." With a funky beat but some allover darker vibes, I cannot more highly recommend you click that big green button and start getting ready to accept more of The Electroscopes around the underground club world.

Now I can't take any credit for this (it was all the band's idea) however I really love the concept of a song you can download each month or other month from Bedge Music - it doesn't even have to be exclusive - so if you're making music in Northamptonshire and are interested in something like this, don't hesitate to email be on