Friday, 5 October 2012

Knee Deep Promotions launch a mammoth birthday bash competition

An ever growing number of bands around the Midlands will tell you with pride the size of Knee Deep Promotions's huge driving force in organising live events - and yet in age the group is barely potty trained! Battling for a place in Knee Deep's first anniversary birthday bash, all week Shaun Faulkner and co. have been tallying up the votes as a trio of local rock bands competed head-to-head for the prize of supporting TRC, Polar and a whole load more at The Racehorse in December. With nearly one hundred votes cast in all, there can only be one winner...
THIRD PLACE: In Her Dying Memory
However unfortunate it is that IHDM won't be performing I can't imagine the band being too devastated, they're currently riding a wave of support for their recent There's No Place Called Home EP released just last Monday. From five musicians who throw a mammoth-load of energy into their music it's a raucously-riffed sonic boom of a first record; so tap those ruby slippered heels together and let There's No Place Called Home transport you to the potent world of In Her Dying Memory.

They've been a regular at some of Knee Deep's most high profile events since pretty much the beginning however, when it comes to this one, Midlands metal fourpiece Fake Gold narrowly missed out by as little as fifteen votes. Nonetheless the band's performances have been loaded with enough hardcore bloodthirst to chew your head off, and I have no doubt we'll hear more of their ear-splitting thrashings from deep within the belly of Knee Deep HQ some time very, very soon.

FIRST PLACE: Solemn Promise
And so we arrive at the incredibly lucky hardcore band set to tear the house down at The Racehorse in December (insert prolonged drum roll here): Solemn Promise!!! That's right, despite being currently drummerless thanks to that musical pain in the rump known more commonly as "uni", the turbulent trio have been voted the tightest, most powerful sounding and generally the highest intensity going. With steamrolling riff-work and Dan Hodgkin's roarings plastered across their February EP, Solemn Promise you most thoroughly deserve it!

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