Friday, 3 August 2012

No need to kill yourself, Cyanide Pills are at The Labour Club

Original punk fans take note, rumbling rockers from Leeds Cyanide Pills will be storming the Labour Club on Friday 3rd August, blaring out a set jam packed with rugged vocals, squalling riffage and manic smashing. Phil, Alex, Sy, Chris and Alarick emerged online late 2005, their demo blowing Damaged Goods Records' minds to release a nineteen-track debut 12" with the label that sold out in double-quick time. "Maybe the greatest band in the world" the label call them - with a second album scheduled for early next year - the Buzzcock-influenced five-piece Cyanide Pills are not to be missed.

Furious 55s
Grandmaster Flash's band have certainly changed their tune a fair bit since The Message. Now a much adored blues trio taking rock 'n' roll and rockabilly right back to its roots, the ex-Kingpins members will blast you straight onto the floor and jitterbuggin' away with their seamlessly raw garage tunes. "Simultaneously raise the roof and bring the house down" they say . . . at least it'll be a great way for The Labour Club to go!

Thee Bophins
New to Bedge Music, Daventry garage trio and friends of So77 Thee Bophins make up the final band on the bill. Named after what is apparently an ancient hobbit surname in The Lord of the Rings, they'll Bil-blow you away with an energy-packed, punk-infused performance - songs catchier than Athlete's Foot - sounding rough, raw and raring to go. They also seem have a strange obsession with counting, in multiple different languages too.

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