Friday, 3 August 2012

Corby four-piece Aurora Sun return radiantly at The Racehorse this Saturday

They may have only just finished taking Unsigned Fest by storm, however the evening of Saturday 4th August say Aurora Sun return to the gigging circuit with a headline night of garage-bands, guitar melodies and all round greatness at The Racehorse. As well as Daniel Dobbs, there's a rising new acoustic trio as well as some good old local favourites Das Pluto Gang, warming your cockles for upcoming new material from all four of the night's awesome performers.

I'm not entirely sure whether they're deliberately going for the awful-quality, can't-make-out-a-thing, looks-like-it's-been-recorded-by-the-biggest-quiverer-on-Earth look or not, however what I'm certain of is that Aurora Sun are are a raucous four piece fresh out of Corby, kicking up a guitar-driven storm of alt-rock goodness that could certainly benefit from a recording studio sesh. Rock on guys!

Before they were Jack and Steve - the "two-piece band" I jibed for not just calling themselves a duo - now they have new bassist Sam and have become a ... "three-piece band" (TRIO!!! TRIO!!! JUST SAY TRIO!!!!) Descriptions aside, their heart warming debut EP The Then, Now and Future Reference drummed up a fair bit of love across the blog-o-sphere, bursting with "ye olde" fiddles and folk-punk harmonies from one of the newest yet most active bands Northampton's got to offer.

Das Pluto Gang
Fallen to Earth from a musical German settlement on the far off dwarf planet at some point during the mid-17th century, Matt King and co. are in the process of releasing their debut album Thanks Idiots (you're very welcome!) with local label Serious Types, sounding upbeatly fantastic from what I've heard so far. Das Pluto Gang are rip-roaring guitar-squalling garage-cum-alternative country awesomeness at absolute full blast.

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