Thursday, 19 July 2012

Northants Unsigned Fest 2012 Finalists !!!!!!!!!!

Apollo's Mob
Un-apollo-getically sublime folk driven by the gorgeous guitar playing of Eloise Colbe, pittering pianos from Georgia Harris and Tayla & Molly's beautiful harmonies. Influenced by the classic era of Kate Bush, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel along with that of Jeff Buckley, Kate Rusby and Sixpence None The Richer, these four will, I dare say, "fly you to the moon". Okay, so there's not that many good jokes you can make out of the word Apollo!

Evidently, being in an all-female teenage band is all the range when it comes to Northampton's Unsigned Fest. Like a beacon of ... err ... bright light, this trio are a shining example of a breathtaking acoustic band full of stunning harmonies, beautiful piano playing and hair colours that change more regularly than the key signature in a Westlife song. Haunt you? Yes they most certainly will.
If you're looking for a Deep Southern-style blues band, full of harmonicas, washboards and husky vocals, then The King Biscuit Boys are the band for you. Stereotypical Blues Train, on the other hand, are a raucous heavy metal four piece, deafeningly brutal hard rock infused into every hook, every riff and every anthemic chorus. Influenced by the classic eras of Judas Priest and Deep Purple alongside Rage Against The Machine and Motley Crue, they've then also got funked out tunes like Reasoning showcasing their amazing prog-rock side. Screw impartiality, this is the band I want to win!

Soaring folk guitar riffs, booming acoustic vocals, powerful jazz fusions and a beautifully tender edge; Jasmine's got it all. With her Veins EP out soon, she's a stunner much in the same vein (if you'll pardon the rather atrocious pun) as the glorious Florence and the Machine. So if anyone asks you who the most dazzling solo artist in the Unsigned Fest final is take a leaf out of The Trammps' book: it's Burns baby, Burns.

Slither out of your stereo? I think not. These guys'll erupt from your speakers in a burst of awesomeness, roaring out and rocking out with a set list full of head bangers that sound both incredibly tight and incredibly ferocious. With Grant Sharpe screaming his heart out over the top, Silver Stereo are looking to be a fairly formidable opponent in the Unsigned Fest final.

Prince's Street
I can't be sure exactly how much blue blood there is in Princes Street, but if you're a fan of a rocky Oasis then they ought to be right up your, umm, street. Brimming with energy, it's near impossible to hate the power-packed indie four piece - and when they start verging on rock 'n' roll it really begins to sound ace. More Manic Street Preachers than E Street Band (and polar opposites to Mike Skinner) the street I'd most use to sum this band up is the chocolate kind: Qualiteee!

Aurora Sun
I'm not entirely sure whether they're deliberately going for the awful-quality, can't-make-out-a-thing, looks-like-it's-been-recorded-by-the-biggest-quiverer-on-Earth look or not, however what I'm certain of is that Aurora Sun are are a raucous four piece fresh out of Corby, kicking up a guitar-driven storm of alt-rock goodness that could certainly benefit from a recording studio sesh. Rock on guys!

If, when searching for a name, Black Sabbath had known about those weird right-angled half-rectangle brackety things they might too have ended up being called [Anti]Faith. Musically I wouldn't even consider comparing the two, however the Corby beasts' smelting pot of enraged eruptions and melodic blackness has already had Kerrang! support, with an album out later this year and their own exclusive brand of PAntiFaith underwear, this certainly isn't the last we've heard from these five.

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