Sunday, 15 July 2012

Northamptonshire Unsigned Fest: promoting our local undiscovered musicians

Throughout the upcoming months, the unsigned talent of Northampton will be performing their hearts out at The Roadmender as part of an unsigned music competition. We're now at the final stages with only ten acts left to battle it out for the top spot. I'll be keeping you up to date with all the news and who comes where but if you're interested in seeing them live then pop down to the Roadmender at 7pm on the evenings stated below (tickets from the Burger Van parked outside).

The First Rounds

Monday 19th March
Eliminated - Prince's Street (highest scoring eliminant - through to quarter-finals)
Eliminated - The King Biscuit Boys
Eliminated - The Project

Wednesday 21st March
3rd - Catalyst
Eliminated - Elements

Tuesday 3rd April
4th - CarvaRose
Eliminated - The Happy Racket
Eliminated - Liberation

Wednesday 4th April
2nd - Aurora Sun
4th - Tape
Eliminated - Backlash (highest scoring eliminant - through to quarter-finals)
Eliminated - Lost Audio

Thursday 5th April
2nd - Katmandu
3rd - Simplicity
Eliminated - Rodeo Radio
Eliminated - Rob Bushell
Eliminated - Matt Drew

The Quarter-Finals

Wednesday 2nd May
1st - Apollo's Mob (guaranteed place in final)
2nd - Bright Lights (guaranteed place in final)
3rd - Social Status (through to semis)
4th - Jack Haines (through to semis)
Eliminated - Colt and Merlin
Eliminated - Ethan Bodsworth

Tuesday 8th May
1st - Stereotypical Blues Train (guaranteed place in final)
2nd - Jasmine Burns (guaranteed place in final)
3rd (joint) - Trip To The Sun (through to semis)
3rd (joint) - Vickii Stocker (through to semis)
Eliminated - Simplicity
Eliminated - Katmandu

Thursday 10th May
1st - Silver Stereo (guaranteed place in final)
2nd - Prince's Street (guaranteed place in final)
3rd - Voices From The Fuselage (through to semis - but had to pull out!)
4th - Aurora Sun (through to semis)
Eliminated - Heavy Dutch Kids
Eliminated - Tape

Friday 11th May
1st - [Anti]Faith (guaranteed place in final)
2nd - Lucifer's Rising (guaranteed place in final)
3rd - The Final Chapter (through to semis)
4th - Backlash (through to semis)
Eliminated - CarvaRose
Eliminated - Catalyst

The Semi-Finals

Tuesday 12th June
1st - Jack Haines (through to final)
2nd - Aurora Sun (through to final)
Eliminated - Vickii Stocker
Eliminated - Trip To The Sun
Eliminated - The Final Chapter
Eliminated - Backlash
Pulled Out - Voices From The Fuselage
Pulled Out - Social Status

The Final

Saturday 21st July


On The Radio

Wednesday 16th May & Wednesday 23rd May
Tune into Inspiration FM (107.8FM) tonight from 8pm to hear full coverage of Unsigned Fest from the lovely Cheryl and Lea.

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