Friday, 20 July 2012

Nincy Boi, Ill Murk, Makulate, MTM and Mikey B? I predict a riot!

Nearly a year since last summer's riots, A-R-D-R-I-V-E's Terrible Nincy Boi has joined forces with some of Northampton's hottest rappers for two awesome collaborative tunes. A maths teacher's nightmare (100 times 6 equals 600 Nincy, not sick), the first was an in-your-face giant; Nincy bursts onto Mikey B's banging electro instrumental, enough vulgarity to make even Eamon's blood curdle (he hasn't changed one bit then!), before hip-hop crew Money The Motive sprinkle their chilled out summer vibes into the anthemic mix. And the award for the best lyric? Ch'ed: "I'm getting gassed man that's why they call me BP. They said I'm sick so I hollered at my GP!"

Then comes the recall, featuring a slightly bigger Northampton hip-hop name (scratch that: the biggest Northampton hip-hop name) Ill "Illy" Murk the Illest himself - although if Murk's so ill maybe he needs to holla at his GP too! Produced by rising beat maker C.B, the track showcases an enraged-sounding Nincy, Illy as incredibly unique and lyrically honest as ever plus the return of Mak aka Makulate's fast-flowing awesomeness, and you know that he'll be back! Unlike the show offy original, Murk and Mak bitterly discuss the a range of issues they face both as young people and musicians in today's society (if anyone has a clue what Nincy's on about please feel free to tell the rest of us), all conveyed through the medium of amazing music.

So they might only be a month old but if Impact TV continue this epically then trust me, we'll be seeing some phenomenal link ups to come.

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