Saturday, 19 May 2012

Northants Unsigned Fest: Quarter Finals #2 (8/5/12)

If you're looking for a Deep Southern-style blues band, full of harmonicas, washboards and husky vocals, then The King Biscuit Boys are the band for you. Stereotypical Blues Train, on the other hand, are a raucous heavy metal four piece, deafeningly brutal hard rock infused into every hook, every riff and every anthemic chorus. Influenced by the classic eras of Judas Priest and Deep Purple alongside Rage Against The Machine and Motley Crue, they've then also got funked out tunes like Reasoning showcasing their amazing prog-rock side. Screw impartiality, this is the band I want to win!

Jasmine Burns
Soaring folk guitar riffs, booming acoustic vocals, powerful jazz fusions and a beautifully tender edge; Jasmine's got it all. With her Veins EP out soon, she's a stunner much in the same vein (if you'll pardon the rather atrocious pun) as the glorious Florence and the Machine. So if anyone asks you who the most dazzling solo artist in the Unsigned Fest final is take a leaf out of The Trammps' book: it's Burns baby, Burns.

Trip To The Sun
When we're not busy following Jules Verne on a Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, there's always room for this year's Y Factor runners up Trip To The Sun. Sizzling away at a whopping 5,500 °C (that's the temperature of the sun for all you non-helio astronomers), the band's diversity spans across the vast plains of stripped back prog-rock, beastly hard rock and post-Hendrix blues. Surely harmonies and guitar solos this epic deserve more than "just through to the semis"

Vickii Stocker
Gorgeously soulful, this isn't just another acoustic singer-songwriting teenage guitarist posting folk covers onto YouTube in an attempt to become the next Ed Sheeran. No way! Vickii Stocker I'll have you know plays the harmonica as well which makes her automatically cooler than most (that and the fact she's an absolutely beautiful addition to the Northampton scene).

"And I love the thought of coming home to you, even if I know we can't make it." Oh, sorry, wrong band; Maggie Griffiths and Mark Wylie are the vocalist-guitarist collaboration that make up acoustic pop duo Simplicity. Upbeat melodies and feel good choruses all round, the only thing I don't understand is why anyone would put them on the same bill as Leonard Cohan wannabe Kenneth J Nash.

Kat Man Du
Kat Man Don't you dare tell me KMD have been eliminated from Unsigned Fest! Seriously? This is band are incredible, guys, taking versatility to the next level with their brilliant melting pot of soulful RnB funk, get-up-and-dance indie folk, gritty hard rock and even a tiny bit of rapping (although not all on the same song, then someone might actually think they were weird!) Unusual, yes, but it makes an astounding listen nonetheless. No wonder Nepal named their capital city after them.

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