Saturday, 19 May 2012

Northants Unsigned Fest: Quarter Finals #1 (2/5/12)

Apollo's Mob
Un-apollo-getically sublime folk driven by the gorgeous guitar playing of Eloise Colbe, pittering pianos from Georgia Harris and Tayla & Molly's beautiful harmonies. Influenced by the classic era of Kate Bush, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel along with that of Jeff Buckley, Kate Rusby and Sixpence None The Richer, these four will, I dare say, "fly you to the moon". Okay, so there's not that many good jokes you can make out of the word Apollo!

Evidently, being in an all-female teenage band is all the range when it comes to Northampton's Unsigned Fest. Like a beacon of ... err ... bright light, this trio are a shining (oh yes, I went there) example of a breathtaking acoustic band full of stunning harmonies, beautiful piano playing and hair colours that change more regularly than the key signature in a Westlife song. Haunt you? Yes they certainly will.

Them Milton Keynes lot, coming over here, playing at our venues, kicking out our bands. Disgraceful. A fresh new indie pop band they may be, infectious melodies abundant, but the fact of the matter is that because of them real local band The Project's time in the festival became no more, and that is unforgivable. Not that they'd be reading this because they're a wee bit busy preparing for their gig headlining the O2 Academy Islington tonight!

Colt and Merlin
From what I've observed around Northampton there seems to be what I call "The Rapper Mentality" when an MC will just post some music online, email it around to a couple of their mates and then cross their fingers that some day they can cruise around in Bentleys with thirty odd girls in the back. Hip-hop beasts Colt and Merlin however chose to take their banging anthems to live venues and festivals, providing a deep and dark hands-in-the-air experience with a feisty rawness that's just impossible to ignore.

Ethan Bodsworth
A talented Northampton artist in a Northampton competition eliminated because of a certain indie band from Milton Keynes. The sooner Social Status get what's coming to them the better! Ethan on the other hand is a charming little singer-songwriter, a melodic mix between Frank Turner and Ed Sheeran (well, technically A Hankered Fern Returns is actually a mix between Frank Turner and Ed Sheeran but I won't go into that) from a beautiful yet immense folk-punk guitarist.

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