Saturday, 19 May 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 18.5.12 with Joel Harries and Jubilee Courts

Both Natasha and Lal are presenting this week, with interviews from Joel Harries after his global travels and Joy Division-y post-punk band Jubilee Courts. As well as that there's some exciting news from both Charlotte Carpenter and Freeze The Atlantic, alongside new tunes from The Paper Men, Ocasan and Lazy Acre's Norwanglish star Misha Non Penguin.

Badly Kept Fish - Company Boy

Blacklight Pioneer - Porcelain (check out the brand new website

Charlotte Carpenter - Let It Go (just got signed to istartedthefire Records - very exciting news indeed)

In what looks like the only spare five minutes he'll get all year, worldwide touring artist and My First Tooth/72% Morrissey/Hofesh Shechter Dance Company member Joel Harries popped in to promote his second album I Do Not Exist. It's a brilliant record, influenced by the several different cultures he's been exposed to on his travels (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, America - must've been a real drag) and his producer Sean Genockey moving him away from being just acoustic and towards a more "psychedelic Fleet Foxes" sound (my words, not his).

Joel Harries - Callous Hands

The Paper Men - Graceless (still sounding as awesome as ever)

JJ Stone & The Campfire - Branch 'n' Fig (EP released 16 June, also playing Twinfest 2012, such lovely lyrics!)

Freeze The Atlantic - Shivering & Dazed (debut album Speakeasy released via Alcopop on 17 September)

Misha Non Penguin - Drifters (Norwegian band releasing on local label Lazy Acre Records)

Rameses B - I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining) (Huw Stephen's Tip)

A little chat with Jubilee Courts, a local four piece loving making music, loving dancing and, for that matter, loving making music that you can dance to. And that that old man you see everywhere is dancing to as well! But not only are they making old-man-wanna-dancer-friendly music, they're organising events across the county with The Casual T's and Badly Kept Fish to give something back to the amazing town that is Northampton.

Jubilee Courts - Verona

72% Morrissey - Greet The Meat (1 min 06 secs long, so it's only right they play it twice)

Ocasan - No One's Safe In Soho (so why are they doing the single launch in Islington?)

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