Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hot Off The Wireless: introducing Jenny McCormick, Joelito & Velociraptor

As a dedicated indie radio fan, I spend my life discovering brand new musicians looking set to do exciting things in a few years time and supporting only the best of them on their journey. This is a list of the top three I've heard this week, the stars of tomorrow brought to you right now, hot off the wireless.

Jenny McCormick: smothered in sorrow, one of Manchester's gems strumming out a dazzling modern day interpretation of Joan Boaz-era folk on this charming debut record. Having added her velvety touch to both The Memory Band and Woodbine & Ivy, anyone with room for yet another folk singer-songwriter in their life should squeeze in the light and melodic tunes of Jenny McCormick.

Joelito: a bizarre introduction to the unconventional Mexican-Latino genre of 3ball with an even more unconventional funky French horn twist. Set up to be a bassy club banger only filled with the electrifying vibes of a tropical carnival; I only wish we could all be just that little bit more like Joelito...

Velociraptor:  hailing from Brisbourne, the next task on hardcore garage punk band Velociraptor's agenda is to introduce their incredibly raucous sound to a British audience. Armed with a surplus of steel riffs and a formidable wall of lo-fi brilliance (well, what do you expect from a band with TWELVE MEMBERS!!!), if they start sounding a little less like an Effed Up tribute band, I reckon they've got what it takes to get fairly massive over here.

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