Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Casual T's & An Army Of Lights: the sounds of one mindbogglingly awesome campervan

Mindblowing psychedelic indie band The Casual T's will be playing as part of Sounds of the Campervan at The Labour Club tomorrow. The Northampton trio's upbeat harmonies and relaxing melodies have been winning them fans all over the county since late 2010 and, with an energy-packed EP due out some time pretty soon, this is a band you can be sure to see more and more of in the upcoming months.

Performing with them are one of the best bands to make it big from the county recently; beautiful indie guitar band An Army Of Lights are a fusion of Maccabees rock and Fleet Foxes folk with a unique extra ingredient. The acoustic four piece harmonise with their soothing guitars and gentle voices to take their sound a step higher from your average indie pop. With promotion for their summery tune Hide & Seek on the way, you can expect even bigger and even better things to come.

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