Friday, 11 May 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane: Bauhaus's monumental influence on the Northampton music scene

The year is 1979. Leather studded jackets and Mohicans are all the in thing. You're just an average teenager growing up in Northampton: you worship John Peel, love rocking out to Tommy Vance and secretly have a massive crush on Annie Nightingale. Your best mate Robert keeps bragging about this Bela Lugosi white vinyl he's got from some local band no one knows about (because Robert's parents are cool and will let him buy his own records in stead of forcing you to listen to their dreadful Rolling Stones 12" over and over and over) when you hear this band he keeps going on about are going to be live in session for John Peel that night. And, well, it's like they're family really so, even though you have absolutely no idea who they are, you stay up into the non-KC and the Sunshine Band hours to listen. The band in question are Bauhaus, founders of the deep, dark and dubby Gothic rock movement. And your life has never been the same since.

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