Friday, 18 May 2012

Northants Unsigned Fest: Out First Round

The Project
We've had "The Band". We've had "The Album". Now meet acoustic folk duo The Project, a gorgeous collaboration between 12 Open Doors/Noise & Kisses/Gravity Junkie/Fractual Mandala members Andey Fellowes and Heather Jones that's been creating beauty live for three years and counting, robbed of their place in the quarter-finals by that Milton Keynes lot.

The King Biscuit Boys
I may have a loathing of MK in this fest but it's thoroughly outweighed by my love of 20th century blues. And they do it so well too; a slide guitarist and husky singer making incredible grooves with a harmonica, melodica, spoons and washboard player (I can confirm no time travel was involved in the making of this band) in an awesome Deep Southern stylie.

Call this band Boron and they'll give you a good old kick up the Arsenic. The prog-metal five piece may not have a vocalist (vocalist schmocalist!) but they've got a heavy experimental sound that'll hit you like a speeding train (or should that be neutrino looking at the name). My Dear Watson, if you're a real pounding guitar riff fan, it really is Elementary.

The Algebraic Beat Orchestra
Friends, our Antarctic ornithic brothers face a threat so horrific it makes me sick just to talk about it. Penguins everywhere are being brutally slaughtered by Northampton's monstrous thrash band The Algebraic Beat Orchestra. These metal beasts will invade musical venues to scream of their barbaric actions, destroying hundreds of pounds worth of amplifying equipment in the process. Please, think of the penguins.

The Happy Racket
Who doesn't like being really happy? And who doesn't like making a right old racket? Now imagine if you could combine those two into one joyful noise of exciting exclamation. Well, thanks to upbeat rock 'n' roll guitar riffs and dance-a-long melodies of The Happy Racket, you can! The band also specialise in tennis equipment for the under fives.

The name implies delusional freedom fighters, clad in tie dye armour, in an exasperated attempt to persuade a venue full of three drunkards and a sour-faced barman to rise up and take to the streets in hope of a better quality of living. What you actually have is a harmonious rock band inspired by 60s, 70s and 80s greats. On the other hand they're from Milton Keynes so loonies whichever way you look at it!

Lost Audio
Even I, the king of crude comedy, am not going to sink low enough to make a joke about "finding" this band's audio. A vibrant pop punk five piece loaded with crunchy guitar riffs, their demo Liquid doesn't properly convey how incredibly raucous this band can be live. "So why don't I put a video of them gigging instead?" you ask. Actually, I think I will.

Rob Bushell
What are those diva popstars like eh?! I mean poor Brad Stanworth strumming out a catchy little folk melody in the corner when along comes Rob, sings some soulful RnB hook over it and then takes all the credit. But the bizarre thing is that this duo really works; an energetic guitarist and warbling singer-songwriter harmonising to make some brilliant pop tunes.

Rodeo Radio
Yee Haw!!! If you too have a love of trucks, Stetsons and Nicki Minaj then a) you might want to and see someone about that and b) this awesome little duo are just as absurd as you. Emma Payne and Troy Cannell put a power balladic spin on the classic country rock pop whilst supporting a "John Wayne missing his hair clippers" kinda look.

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