Thursday, 12 April 2012

Strangers: launching their anthemic new single Shine On You

Strangers are one of those Northampton bands who really don't need my support but I like to blog about them just because they're three lads "from my neck of the woods" doing well in the big bad world. In fact, with a cosy slot in the XFM playlist, attention from a whole host of their DJs and having featured in several music mags, the electro house trio are probably right now scheming to transform into over-spoilt prima donnas and making the burdensome decision of how many bichon frises to demand as company in their dressing rooms. That's how mega they are.

Released online on 16th April, Shine On You is a cocktail of electro tranquillity and hands-in-the-air hooks with a splash of the darker basslines the band are most known for, best served ice cold on a blissful summer's day to a crowd of thousands. It's the sound of three usually shadowed producers and musicians emerging from their gloomy underground caverns into the more mainstream daytime but still remaining as incredible as ever, like when Swedish House Mafia released Save The World. There's a banging liquid step remix from Draper and Sensual Harassment has given it a brilliant wah wah electro trancey twist I can't quite put my finger on. Regular clubbers: make sure you keep a close ear out for Strangers in these next twelve months.

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