Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hot Off The Wireless: introducing Rob St John, Deptford Goth & Brey

As a dedicated indie radio fan, I spend my life discovering brand new musicians looking set to do exciting things in a few years time and supporting only the best of them on their journey. This is a list of the top three I've heard this week, the stars of tomorrow brought to you right now, hot off the wireless.

Rob St John: a tender, moving and unearthly sound of one of Lancashire's most exquisite young folk artists, intensely gripping and oddly sensational. It is a crime that Weald will never be recognised for the beauty it is, and with the next breathtaking album we can only hope Rob St John gets the appreciation he justly deserves.

Deptford Goth: Peckham art student Daniel Woolhouse's sluggish dubstep and organic art rock fusion (familiar much James Blake fans?) is gradually moving away from his over-synthesised beginnings to a more dreamy and melancholic sound.

Brey: honoured to have his first BBC play on Gilles Peterson's 6 Music debut, London producer Brey is an incredible musical honey bee, cross pollinating majorly funked-up Latino brass with fresh-out-the-oven hot hip-hop and house beats with a smearing of smooth and soulful RnB in the four-track crescendo that is Brasil. Who ever said jazz couldn't be cool to a 21st century audience?

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