Friday, 13 April 2012

Cave: emerging from their dreary caverns back to make incredible country music once again

Last Sunday (8 April), much missed country band Cave returned from their hiatus with a showstopping performance at The Labour Club. Fronted by Victoria Inn owner Gregg Cave, the five piece won over the hearts of Northamptonshire with their warming mix of traditional barn dance fiddling and melodic acoustic harmonies. Having played folk festivals at Sidmouth, Cromer, Ely, Saul and even some in Germany, it was dreaded that the Welcome, Welcome album would be the last we heard of them as Gregg and Guy disbanded to form Gregg Cave and the Village Hall Band (not to mention Duncan having other priorities touring the world as part of the awesome Cousin Avi), and a fond farewell was bid in December 2009.

Nonetheless, here they are, together again and rearing to go. The album set for release this summer is looking to be a dazzling collection of string-driven merriment, and full of an overwhelming urge to prance about than just has to be seen live. You may not be the kind of person who attends folk fests or has a record collection full of Dolly Parton but I bet you'll find it near impossible not to feel the energy pulsing from this band. They've come a long wan in the eight years they've been together, but Cave have the sound of the band who still have so much more to give.

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