Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ned The Kids Bob Dylan: making music like a pro(lling stone)

At this year's Y Factor, Ned The Kids Bob Dylan was one of the musicians who blew me away. Nineteen year old girl after nineteen year old girl would step onto the acoustic stage and, without any instrumental ability, sing along to a Katy Perry CD only to be forgotten - not because they weren't any good but because they were completely out of their depth. Then along came Ned, a breath of fresh air, half their age, playing guitar better than most people in the competition and telling us he writes all his own songs. I found it absolutely hilarious.

He might only be eleven but this folk rock singer-songwriter has got the guitar skills and of Bob Dylan, with the vocal amplitude of Brian Blessed! The four new songs he's posted online are about everything from young heartbreak (who's the lucky girl then Ned?) to the pains of cocaine dependence. Cambridgeshire Folk Fest, Mike Harding, Mark Radcliffe and Krystal Radio are only a handful of his supporters, add to that the fact he grows better with every track and Ned The Kids Bob Dylan becomes one of the most exciting artists in Northamptonshire at the moment. Don't judge him by his age, just let the music blow you away.

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