Saturday, 7 April 2012

N-Town Live: showcasing four of Northampton's hottest stars

On 14th April 2012 at the Roadmender from 7.00pm - 10.30pm, the lovely folk of N-Town Live will be bringing four of the best pop rock bands and artists in Northamptonshire to perform on one stage over one huge night for local music. Previous bands to have played include Cousin Avi and Judy Mooch so it's fair to say that this is the top event for anyone with their finger on the pulse at the moment.

Having featured on, this indie post-punk band are sounding better than ever. Four teenage rockers, full of energy and making an all round racket; if you haven't seen them live you really are missing out. It's a sound influenced by everything from The Cure to Pavement, a lo-fi Green Day with more substancial guitar riffs. Weeks after watching this band you will still have their songs firmly lodged inside your head.

Korda Marshall
With the word Marshall in their name, you can already tell Korda Marshall are gonna be amped up to the max (Jim Marshall R.I.P). Infectious pop, head-banging rock and melodies that scream "JUST DANCE TO ME, OKAY!" all stitched together by five mega-talented uni students, to make one boldly epic sound. Mainstream but with a real edge, they've performed with Ellie Goulding, Chase & Status and the legendary Feeder, Lisa Hart from the band featured on Towcester bad boy Flux Pavillion's PRS smash Superbad and their self-titled EP is a must for any Midlands rock or punk fan.

Luke Girvan
Having headlined last year, the pop-rocker-raided-who's-Good-Charlotte's-wardrobe returns to tear down The Roadmender once again. The most rock 'n' roll act on the bill, Girvan and his band make an awesome 70s infused sound, something like Aerosmith meets The Wombats. If his vast array of anthemic hooks, humongous guitar solos and even a healthy bit of brass thrown into the mix are good enough for Beverly Knight, Duke Special, the IndigoO2 and 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony then it's certainly good enough for me.

Billy Lockett
BBC Introducing supported, just finished a massive UK tour, Lockett is the biggest singer-songwriter anywhere in the county at the moment, his vibrant blend of guitar acousticity and upbeat pop like a ray of sunshine whenever played on daytime Radio 1. Full of hands in the air goodness, I never tire of seeing this man live (which is a good thing, too, cos he don't stop gigging!)

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