Saturday, 7 April 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 6.4.12 with Ned the Kids Dylan

Natasha provides new music by the bucketload; a first play of Badly Kept Fish, the Strangers remix that XFM are loving, Goldlock & Octagon and many more. Plus there's a chat with Ned off of being The Kids Bob Dylan, Wildfire Sessions' Stevie Jones bringing info about some very exciting first birthday celebrations and emerging folk guitarist Owen Kimberly-Penrice.

Badly Kept Fish - Company Boy

Goldlock & Octagon - Blind Love
Strangers - Shine On You (Draper Remix) (out this Wednesday)

Ned The Kids Bob Dylan talking about musicians he's loving (Beth Jeans Houghton, Django Djano, Laura Marling, now love him even more for that), wanting to be taken seriously for his music despite being eleven, why he's called The Kid's Bob Dylan: because someone once made the comparison and not that he does Dylan covers, and wanting to be all over the music industry as an artist, producer, journalist and possible radio star. Trying to steal Natasha's job perhaps too hard! Not only that he played the Cambridgeshire Folk Festival where Mike Harding and Mark Radcliffe fell in love with him and taking part in Live & Unsigned which is now being broadcast on Sky.
Ned The Kids Bob Dylan - Firing Line

Cave - Tiger Stripes (getting back into the studio soon to record the Ellison Cave LP)

Stevie Jones chats about the first birthday of Wildfire Sessions. He's putting on thirty local talents over eleven hours at St. Andrew's Church on Saturday 14th April. His line-up hightlights are ... all of them, obviously! Although he tips Joolz Denby and Utopian Love Revival for the overall most exciting performances and says, in terms of local acts, Branstown Band, Tautas Roks, Alex Hyde (Rock Mentality), Hannah Faulkner and Dem Urban Foxes. In the future he wants to put on monthly gigs at St. Andrew's with, hopefully, some more major acts.

The Branstown Band - And She's Gone

Jubilee Courts - Boog Marg

A new feature when Natasha picks some local music from the archives. This week it's Griff from The Weekender's guide to Northamptonshire and I get all nostalgic about the Soundhouse and all our old musicians. "Northampton might not be on the main touring circuit, stadium venues with huge bands at their peak, but we're passionate about our local scene. And if you take a trip off the beaten track you might discover the country's best kept secret" sums up pretty much everything

Introducing Owen Kimberly-Penrice who's recently moved to the county from Devon. He tells us about his dad forcing him to play the guitar, discovering the saxophone and becoming a jazz musician, then starting to write his own stuff. According to Natasha his music is "alternative folky but not folky" (???). But then he's got some kind of Mike Skinner rap stuff going on as well. This isn't the last we'll hear of him, I'm sure.

Acoda - The Ludovico Technique

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