Thursday, 5 April 2012

Judy Mooch: what The Strokes sounded like when they were One Direction's age

Okay, how have I never reviewed this band before?! As the self appointed Head of Youth Music in Northamptonshire Online, The Y Factor's "unofficial-official blogger" and a general lover of great music, Judy Mooch are four 17-18 year olds that have been on my radar for a very, very long time. After winning The Y Factor and coming second in Surface Unsigned UK at the O2, their eponymous (I've been told the phrase "self-titled" is too boring) EP was full the tightest, catchiest, most energetic indie pop rock melodies anywhere in the county back in 2010, beaten only by reggae eight piece Celtic Rasta. And now they're back, with some brand new material.

See In The Dark is the first of the two demos they've previewed on YouTube, and it's got The Strokes written all over it. Blasting out power chords, drum-led hooks and guitar riffs well above their age, the boys compliment each other brilliantly. It's just one of the many Mooch tunes that showcases all the joys of being four good mates in a superb band doing what they love, with wisps of Editors, Franz Ferdinand and an early Kings of Leon. Let Your Body Move does exactly what it says on the tin; I was certainly loosening up to that epic chorus! And make sure you check out Jack McCarlie's solo stuff because that is teenage goodness right there.

So they might be more generic than someone like Scott Booth or Sofia Benhayoun and perhaps not as versatile as the multi-talented star that is Billy Lockett, however they are an addictive pop band who sound incredible, have a massive fan base and, yes ladies, would look great on your bedroom wall. I don't want to jinx anything or put too much pressure on them but if Judy Mooch are sounding this amazing now, by the time they're in their twenties the sky really could be the limit.

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