Friday, 6 April 2012

Ceasar: repping pretty much the who of Northampton on this lethal new tune

If I had to name one Northamptonshire rapper who I thought was going to get up to big things this year it would have to be the multi-talented extraordinaire Ceasar. Ill Murk and TORF may have stolen his limelight but for the past few years he's been spitting harder than anyone else in Northampton, penning some incredible lyrics and generally tearing up the county. He's looking huge as an actor, he's looking huge as an Inspiration FM DJ but, most importantly, he's looking huge as an MC, worthy of every bit of praise he gets.

Northamptonshire's always had a sense of community when it comes to music however songs like Ill Murk's Woy Yoy remix and SRE's Optimus Grime have united our rap scene as one extender family. As he's now doing most of his work in Spain (don't envy him one bit!), it's only right that Ceasar remembers his hometown by laying down a bad boy Tribute To NPT which pays respect to nearly one hundred of our musicians, producers and promoters who've helped along the way. I tell you, this man is the Discarda of the Midlands and, although he might not be from London, he's certainly got the potential to go all the way in the British underground grime scene.

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