Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hot Off The Wireless: introducing Bear Flag, Doldrums & Talal Qureshi

As a dedicated underground radio fan, I spend my life discovering brand new musicians looking set to do exciting things in a few years time and supporting only the best of them on their journey. This is a list of the top three I've heard this week. This is the stars of tomorrow brought to you right now. This is hot off the wireless.

Bear Flag: a psychedelic duo blending modern day ambient dance beats with bebop and avant-garde jazz from way back in the 40's, as well as adding 8-bit video game effects on several of their tracks (as if they weren't maverick enough). The debut album Everywhere has the aura of Brian Eno remixing Charlie Parker, for the soundtrack of Pokemon Red. Just press play and all will be revealed.

Doldrums: real name Airick Woodhead, this Canadian genius produces some of the most addictive electro distortions and tribal drum beats anywhere in the world right now. A Frankenstein of the musical world, Woodhead has dissected the bizarrest of noises possible before stitching them back together as the incredible Empire Sound EP: an out of this world experience of uneasiness that still manages to compel you to continue listening to the end.

Talal Qureshi: dubstep has officially reached even Pakistan, but innovative producer Qureshi gives it a unique twist. Taking the dirty basslines and electro-warbles from a normal dubstep banger, he slows it down to the house tempo of 130 BPM (nerd out over), creating what is in essence six tracks of mesmerising filth . Leagues above the competition, the Equator EP is a bizarre mix of pure sublimity and utter nastiness, the middle eastern love child of Skrillex and deadmau5.

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