Friday, 6 April 2012

J.P. Brook - This Town's Been Good To Us EP: Northampton's hottest new grunge singer-songwriter

After giving Liam Dullaghan a helping hand on his Made In Chelsea supported Bruises LP, J.P. Brook and his twenty man/woman strong Make Me Feel Good Band have released an EP of their own for a little Easter treat, and boy is it sounding great. This Town's Been Good To Us is an epic blend of Springsteen influenced power pop and music from the harder end of the grunge spectrum, made up of anthemic harmonies that literally blast out of your speakers.

There's tracks like That Bloomin' Soul Song and This Small Town sounding like Pearl Jam and Thin Lizzy reacted together in some crazy climactic concoction; vocals, guitars, basses, harmonicas and trumpets that you can really dance to flying off here, there and everywhere. On the other hand you've got more stripped back, folky ballads like The Pirate Song (arrrggghhh) thrown into the mix to make one huge rock history lesson from 1960 - 1990, skipping out the heavy metal parts. When I first heard him, J.P. Brook brought warmth to a bitter winter chill better than any roaring fire and now, come summer 2012, this EP looks set to be a soundtrack that no one in Northamptonshire can get enough of.

At over 31 square miles with a population of 215,000 I'd argue against Northampton being a small town, but it's certainly been more than good to me and, listening to the likes of J.P. Brook, there's no way it's given up yet.

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