Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hype, Ripe and A Load Of Tripe: staring with failpop, ending with pop faliures!

As a proud and dedicated Radio 1 follower, I must listen to over two-hundred songs a week and, frankly, I can't review them all. Here are five tracks I heard over the week and think I should share with all of you guys.

HYPE - three up-and-coming artists I'm getting really excited about
So Many Animal Calls: if Twin Atlantic decided to put on wolf masks and name their genre of music failpop they would magically transform into their fellow Glasgow power rock band So Many Animal Calls. Tight guitar melodies full of melodramatic energy and all the fun of being in a rock 'n' roll band blast their new Traps single through onto the iPod's of prog fans all over the dear green place.

Park Bench Society: this upbeat indie trio have done BBC Introducing in Leicestershire and Rutland proud by becoming huge Huw Stephen's national tip this week. Their Forest Gate EP provides an addictive mixture of acoustic melodies, summery guitar riffs and funky trumpet vibes that's bound to get you bopping away.

Torus: you can always rely on the Dutch when it comes to dance music. 18 year old Joeri Woudstra aka Torus fuses sounds and noises from the forests of Holland to create a mesmerising but crazy EP full to the brim with an overwhelming sense of ambience. Crackling fires, a man chopping wood, cats purring, the metallic clink of keys in a gate, electronically mastered and condensed into six tracks of sublimity swirling through a hazy vortex of Dilla-esque mystique.

RIPE - an old-school record that's still sounding fresh today

A LOAD OF TRIPE - a truly, truly dreadful song that I never want to hear again in my life

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