Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dry The River - Shallow Bed: this melodramatic fivepiece are more than just a drop in the ocean

Having been shortlisted for the BBC's Sound Of 2012 poll, East London folk bands Dry The River look set to have an even bigger year this year than they did in 2011. With their infectious folk power pop, epic melodies and comparisons to Mumford & Sons by basically every music journalist on the planet, their debut LP Shallow Bed is sounding absolutely ma-hoo-sive and almost guaranteed to get the indie five piece UK-wide recognition within the next few months.

Shallow Bed is a compilation of eleven of the most beautiful love songs at the moment from one of the most romantic groups of musicians. Peter Liddle might compare his lover to everything from "the string in by bow" to "my kettle drum" however this is proof that, with luscious vocals, a spine shivering string section and overall exhilaration levels to the max, calling someone your little kettle drum can actually be found quite attractive!

Dry The River are one of the most sublime and moving bands I've come across for a while. Very few artists out there are able to boast a likeness to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver on their debut record which is people need to keep a close eye on everything these guys are going to be getting up to. And remember: if anyone calls you their "kettle drum" it is meant to be a compliment (especially if that person happens to be John Bonham for Led Zeppelin).

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