Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hype, Ripe and A Load Of Tripe: folk-punk-funk (say that five times quickly)

As a proud and dedicated Radio 1/NME/Guardian follower, I must listen to over two-hundred songs a week and, frankly, I can't review them all. Here are five tracks I heard over the week and think I should share with all of you guys.

HYPE - three up-and-coming artists I'm getting really excited about

The Cornshed Sisters: an all female fourpiece from Sunderland, their soulful guitars and harmonious voices so soothing shivers will literally roll down your spine as you bask in the glory of their well perfected unison. The album Tell Tales comes out 9 April and the first single Dance At My Wedding is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered, reminiscent of a times long gone by, unhealthily indulgent but at the same time utterly impossible to let go of.

Cleavers: this punk duo have been tipped as one of the Top 35 to watch this year by BBC Radio Scotland for their insane guitar skills, roaring singing voice and the ability to pound the drums in a way that feels like they might just punch you in the face. Hulk Hands is taken from their pending 7" and very nearly blew my head off with the almighty impact a ten second guitar solo can have in only 1.40 mins; Cleavers - short but lethal.

Swiss Lips: Mancunian old-school disco bringing the party to the Radio 1 playlist this week, with incredibly upbeat pop melodies enhanced by the power of electro that's cooks up a brew with flavours of Grandmaster Flash, Goldfrapp, New Order, Prince and many more. The five piece's U Got The Power is the youth of 2012's take neo-psychedelic funk, giving it that modern day twist in the lyrics and synths that makes you wanna boogie to da beat like The Sugarhill Gang are in town. Woo-hoo.

RIPE - an old-school record that's still sounding fresh today

A LOAD OF TRIPE - a truly, truly dreadful song that I never want to hear again in my life

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