Thursday, 8 March 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 2.3.12

Natasha introduces local metal band Lay Siege makers of the unwieldly Obolus EP and has a chat with Ray Needham of A & R Music who will be judging political musical competition Rock The House.

The Sheridan Clinic - We Don't Need You (brand new electronica producer from Earls Barton)

Anguish Sandwich - Leave My Brain Alone (played The Fishmarket send off gig with Retro Spankees)

Zola - Sad Cats Never Change (Gang EP out now)

Local Rock The House judge Ray Needham is on the phone talking about the unique competition that mixes musician promotion with the opportunity to play at Parliament and raise awareness about housing and other issues the bands' feel important.

Templeton Pek - What Are You Waiting For (worked with Needam's A&R Records)

E-U-N-U-C-H-S - Loving And Eating

J.P. Brook & the Make Me Feel Good Band - This Small Town's Been Good To Us Part 2

Presely Johnson - Anita's Last Dance

Empror & Duppy Beatz - Dangerous (Huw Stephen's tip)

Lay Siege chat about their Obolus EP (best metal EP I've heard so far this year), the mythological roots of the name and its heavy lyrics. It's a must hear record, trust me.

Lay Siege - Glitches

JJ Stone & the Campfire - Death Will Come (from the Superheart EP out in a couple of months)

Ethereal K - Kinder


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