Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Escape These Eyes: the band to "look out for" in Red Bull Bedroom Jam

You're a Northamptonshire metal fan. You've had Acoda's new EP on repeat on your iPod for the past fortnight. You loved seeing them on the bill for all the big UK rock festivals in 2011, and set to return to most of them in 2012. You're thinking to yourself: if only another local band could do the same thing again this year.

Well look no further because Corby five piece Escape These Eyes could potentially be finding themselves in Acoda's shoes very very soon (well, there's only eight shoes in Acoda so someone's gonna have to get dirty feet) "Why?" I hear you ask. Because, like Acoda, they've entered the Red Bull Bedroom Jam, and are in with a pretty good chance of winning it.

Nothing to do with fruit preserves, The Red Bull Bedroom Jam is an opportunity for rock and metal bands to play live at festivals and even support a major band on tour (bedroom, if anyone was wondering, is just a posh way of saying indie: bedroom jam, bedroom producer, etc). Basically the more people love 'em the better they do in the leagues and the more likely they are to win. It's actually too complex for my little brain so just go to and please give them five stars. Come on guys, if we can't get two Northampton bands playing these gigs two years in a row then something's gone terribly wrong.

I'm sure all the other bands are brilliant too, but Escape These Eyes really deserve the votes from anyone in the East Midlands who has made the right decision and supported their local musicians. And it's not like the music doesn't back that up; Another Occasion, Another Bottle oozes destructive riffs, riotous screaming and lethal drum smashes. Melodies that punch you round the face and guitars that throttle your eardrums might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like your music heavy, powerful and utterly metalcore (e.g. Architects, Rise To Remain, Rolo Tomassi - and that's only sticking with the UK) then Escape These Eyes are one of the bands for you.

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