Friday, 30 March 2012

N'HANTS ST★R OF THE MONTH: huge bands, huger bands and even hugerer bands

3. Party In Paris
Responsible for some of the catchiest melodies throughout the last two years, indie rock band Party In Paris are have made it to the finals of the Birmingham round for Live & Unsigned UK, offering undiscovered talents an opportunity to play sets at festivals across Britain. Rhythmically incredible, with heaps of awesome guitar riffs, lightening quick drumming and more hooks than a professional angler, these four enthusiastic musicians go down a storm live. It's great how what, in all honesty, aren't the most inventive lyrics ever ("And I'm always high with you" repeated over and over) can still sound lovely when the music connects and they're sung with enough emotion behing them. Party In Paris to win Live & Unsigned!

2. The Electroscopes
Despite never having got round to reviewing this band before, their journey is one I have traced since pretty much the beginning on BBC Radio Northampton. Having been supported by Introducing, XFM and M Magazine to name but a few, The Electroscope's vibrant electro synths are being heard by an ever expanding audience of New Wave lovers. If you wanna go overboard in the comparisons (and why ever not) I'd say they sound like The Orb and Royksopp collaborating to remix The Presets, but still managing to sound contemporary and futuristic in this day and age.
The melodic summery tune Experiment In Me - out now on Red Robot Records - could soundtrack a post-alien annihilation of the human race scene, if the film was directed by Joe Goddard from Hot Chip. There's also a banging minimalstic remix from established dubstep producer Oscar TG and a groovy techno Pete Kastanis re-working but if you're in the mood for some futuristic electropop go check out The Electroscopes - you really won't regret it.

1. The Moons
There isn't really much I can say about these five that hasn't been said enough times already. Undoubtably the biggest band in Northamptonshire, with flavours of Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and all those 60's pop rock greats, jamming together in unison like one incredible body of garage talent and providing a guarenteed groovy bass riff on every single record to ignite that urge to boogie in everyone. After just having come back a busy six months supporting Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye across Europe and touring the UK themselves, you'd be forgiven for thinking the band might be taking a well earned break whilst they prepare to return to the studio and lay down some more jams for the next LP.

However I'm not sure that Andy Crofts even sleeps; The Moons have signed a contract with London based label Schnitzel Records and are planning to release a second album in early September (although, if the band had their way, promo would be out the window and they'd be on album seven by now or something). Andy and Ben the drummer have mucked in on Paul Weller's outstanding new Sonik Kicks album in both recording and performing. Oh and they also got to work with this guy, ahh what was his name, Sir Paul McCartney or something like that? All in all a fairly quiet month then.

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