Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sharks - No Gods: the no. 1 soundtrack to any punk fan's summer

As far back as the Shallow Waters EP in 2008, the musical world has been looking forward to vibrant four piece Sharks' debut album with much anticipation. So the pressure was on the Leamingtonian boys to deliver a mighty record, jam packed with inspiring guitar riffs and anthemic melodies. And in no way, shape or form are we disappointed.

Harmonious masterpieces and poptastic hooks drive No Gods out from the ensnaring traps of blandness and monotony that so many bands find themselves falling into, and directly on route to Probable Mercury Nominationville. With nostalgic punk influences including The Clash, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks and The Undertones, James, Andrew, Sam and Carl have beaten the likes of Green Day and Fall Out Boy at what was originally an American scene so badly it's embarrassing!

It's these sorts of albums - songs like Arcane Effigies and On A Clear Day You Can See Yourself (which, can I just say, is an amazing title) - that really sound like a top festival highlight to me. Thousands of people on a field with their hands in the air singing: "Hey Rudy, Rudy!" at the top of their voices and having the time of their lives. Bring on the summer, that's what I say.

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