Saturday, 17 March 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 16.3.12

This week Natasha has Party In Paris live in the studio, part 1 of a brilliant interview with Ceasar ahead of the "Urban Spesh" next week plus new stuff from The Tenbiits, Devotions (aka Badland Revival) and a brand spanking new producer-cum-just bought a pair of decks according to his Facebook so not really a DJ yet (look at me perving on all musicians) called Mint-o.

Devotions - You Look Like You Need A Friend (Badland Revival rebranded)

Arbiters - Proof (won Best Indie Act at Exposure Music Awards and recording album with Andy Ross)

The Tenbiits - Abyss

A fun chat with Ceasar about his upcoming live event promoting the more sensible side of music

Ceasar - Goodbye My Friend

Acoda - The Ludovico Technique (EP out Monday)

Badly Kept Fish - Wide Eyed

Code500 - Red Flag (EP launched 30th March)

Mint-o - Where You Are

Party In Paris talk about getting to the Birmingham NEC regional finals of Live and Unsigned. Apparently in the Live and Unsigned auditions they usher you into a room with five intimidating judges and tell you to get on with it - in two minutes! Pressure much.

Party In Paris - Fatal Fairground Disaster (Live Acoustic)

Operatives - Dee

Scott Booth live in session.

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