Friday, 21 October 2011

Gemini: he just can't help being this talented

House producer Gemini and his crew The BEAT Exporterz have been making bad boy beats around Northampton for an age and man do his tunes blow up. So I'm ecstatic that rapper Sir Mic has recognised the guy's serious talent and commisioned a club mix of his I Can't Help It banger. Big up da local massive!

So who is the one they call Gemini? He's this wicked DnB/house/electro/hip hop producer from LA but everyone associates him with his Northamptonian dance crew the BEAT Exporterz. They think of a beat, they make the beat and then they export that beat to the masses (and they do it with a z). They can tear up the dancefloor, they can tear down the dancefloor, they can rebuilt the dancefloor momentarily only to demolish it again. Basically if it involves dancefloor destruction they can do it. And it's also nice to hear a song out this year called Bounce that's actually had some effort into it.

I would, however, like to dedicate this post to Nabila Nanfuka who was sadly killed in a stampede on Wednesday morning at Lava Ignite. Having seen the news she really does seem like a one in a million person. We are, unfortunately, running out of friendly people who will smile and talk to you if they meet you in the street. Rest In Peace Nabila.

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