Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Truth: I'm not lying this is sick

I'm not going to kid you, I don't listen to the Asian Network and have to wake up at crazy o'clock in the morning so can't listen to Nihal's late night show. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate or like Desi music. Especially when it's as good as this tune. BBC Introducing's new freestyle rapper, The Truth, is destined for massive things. And it's his new tune I Make 'Em Say (sampling Pinju's Mad Indian) that's gonna get him there.

Unlike the majority of freestyle hip-hop tunes, Truth can think up good lyrics, maintain the flow and keep in time with the crazy beats all at the same time. And this isn't boring old 0.000001 mph hip-hop either; this is hard, pacy stuff that makes you admire The Truth even more. But what I like best about him as a freestyle lyricist is that he can keep the right amount of syllables so he doesn't have to add any pointless expletives just to balance it out. He's British so I don't know how bilingual he is but he really could MC in any language and still sound epic.

And that's due to his awesome voice. He's been rapping about half his life in the Asian Black Connection crew and then the award winning Faces Of Assassins before taking his solo career so has managed to polish his projection, flow and other general skills with the help of a few big names. Yeah just Smart Kid, Lady Sovereign and Donaeo! Add to that plays from nearly all the Asian radio stations and TV channels both inside and outside of London (it would be nice to see a rapper from outside London but beggars cannot be choosers) and you've got one hell of an established rapper.

Someone he met along his journey is his incredible producer Bobby Wonda. He can mix, sample and dance along to The Truth all at the same time. I'd just lose track or be to awe struck to concentrate. He deals with everything The Truth does production wise and should be in no way shunned. This dude's got skills.

Those two have been making tunes for a while now and it's wonderful to see Radio 1 championing them to give them the break they deserve. The last Introducing artist I reviewed out of Northampton was Rizzle Kicks so you never know where The Truth's gonna be this time next year. The urban music world really is his oyster.

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