Friday, 2 September 2011

Katie Malco: one of the most amazing country singers this county has to offer

I can't speak for any other counties but the Northamptonshire music scene is very communal. Bands are always borrowing and lending members to each other which basically means that all songs have loads and loads of different influences to sound extra epic.

This lady, Katie Malco, with her on/off interchangeable band is one of the biggest family members in the Northampton indie country scene. She's gone from singing in her bedroom to touring the UK and working with none other than Iain Archer from Snow Patrol. Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone in Northampton who shows the power of YouTube better than her.

And she thoroughly deserves it. She has the most beautiful voice and is a lovely melodic guitarist (plays a right hand acoustic guitar upside down with her left hand but, hey, go with it) so with help from other local musicians her music sounds just perfect. Her debut EP Four Goodbyes can be downloaded from Amazon for just £3.45. It's well worth a listen and the follow up is much anticipated.

That brings me on nicely to her new untitled EP which comes out in September and features Dave from True Blood and Sophie from My First Tooth but has Chris from Hold Your Horses and John from Freeze The Atlantic and Reuben. See what I mean about communal! If you're a big Laura Marling fan then you must buy it. I know I will.

And I don't know if I'm right but I believe that after writing over fifty posts, Katie is the first female solo artist I have ever reviewed. Exciting isn't it.

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