Sunday, 4 September 2011

Charttery: 7.9.11

I hate to start on a low but BEN COOPER, WHY ARE FOUR OF THE TOP TEN (INCLUDING NUMBER 2) NOT IN THE RADIO 1 PLAYLIST?! If you're interested I scored forty last week which gives me a running total of sixty points. How are you doing? But just in case you're new to the game I'll recap the instructions. Five lottery style balls between 2 and 20 have been picked at random with the bonus ball 1. You have to choose a music chart and predict what will be at the position on the ball in the next chart. The normal five balls are each worth ten points and if you guess the bonus ball you double your score. The maximum you can score is 100 but higher than 30 is good. So let's draw the balls:

15  14  8  12  13    1

I'm using the UK Official Singles Chart and I think:

15. Adele - Someone Like You
14. Will Young Jealousy
8. Calvin Harris - Feel So Close
12.Wretch 32 - Don't Go
13. Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark
1. Pixie Lott - All About Tonight

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