Friday, 9 September 2011

Badly Kept Fish: there's no trout they're amazing

As you're probably aware by now Bedge Music has taken a turn for the local, supporting musicians across Northampton in hope of promoting them to a wider audience. Up to now BBC Introducing has tended to inspire these posts, Tash and Jon being on top of everything new exciting and brilliant around town. However when a certain EP by Badly Kept Fish happened to fall into my little blogging paws, BBC Introducing or not, I knew I just had to review them. Because, well, they're awesome!

Badly Kept Fish are one of the most promising young pop rock bands. With a little bit of tweaking I think they're skilled and talented enough to be as big as, say, Lost Prophets in the Midlands (as a band that everyone loves and wants to go see live, not the approaching middle aged men looking like they need a good shave bit). All they need to do is put in the effort. Because, with so many male singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer rock bands around at the moment, only the county's best can create such powerful music that it can capture a whole garden as shown in the video below.

They jam together well, can get an epic sound out of their instruments, write great lyrics and just sound like a proper rock band should. Why, in 2012 or 2013, could they not be like We Are The Ocean or Twin Atlantic for our county - on the edge and about to spill over to become massive? Just don't go mad with the tattoos and piercings okay boys.

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