Sunday, 7 August 2011

The 2 Bears: hilarious hip-hop house

Hello? Is this working? I'm on holiday so I've written some posts and scheduled them to come up but these Google blogs are awful so I want to know if it's worked. Hang on a sec, if it hasn't worked you won't be able to read this anyway so why am I bothering? Let's just get on with the review.

DJs Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and Raf Rundell have got together to form an epic dance duo: The 2 Bears. Their debut single Bear Hug has been making waves for a while and I would have reviewed it earlier if it wasn't for 1xtra in Majorca. It's a simple electronic garage house track with a crazy deep voice speaking over the top. The melody is a deep bassy "thud-thud-thud-thud" with a very basic yet effective guitar on top. It's so berserk that you just find you have to dance.

And then it turns itself on its head and there's some upbeat, cheesy, not very good singing in a slower more romantic part with the most arousing musical instrument every - the drums? And then it goes back into that thumping bassline. I LOVE IT!!! It may be the wierdest thing you've heard all year but it works. It's dead catchy and if it doesn't make you want to go and buy The Bear Hug E.P. then you're banned from coming on my blog ever again.

If you want to see The 2 Bears they're playing at the Green Man Festival on the 19th August, The Arches on the 20th, Creamfields on the 27th and Bestival on the 11th Septemeber. It should be so bad it'll be good, just like Bear Hug. So come on everyone turn to the nearest person and say "I wanna give you a bear hug!"

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