Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Dominant Species: or as I call them people from East Anglia

STFU (Shut The F*ck Up) are a new drum and bass, dubstep, breaks record label from Northampton. They aim to promote hard underground dance music from around that tempo and make it available to the masses. So if you're an aspiring producer then go to and tell them all about you. Some of their artists include DJs Anya, Dom Almond and MC Special A. Together they are A Dominant Species; the highest energy, summeriest group in Northampton

The new song from ADS, Feeling Good, is a drum and bass epic. It's a rapid beat of something like 180bpm with an Prodigy-esque bass and some great vocals on top. Proper hands pounding the air, ripping up the club brilliance. If you think the States rule that scene then think again. It's Britain on top and we refuse point blank to let all the Americans do all the revolutionising (or should that be ruining if I'm refering to the US).

Then there's the amazing Open Cluster (a bassy Georgian DJ) electronic breaks remix that's about 1:20 into the video. So hard and underground that it's bound to get you raving in any club. I'm literally jumping up and down in my seat. If I was cool and went out clubbing instead of staying in watching Casualty then I'd be skanking out to this tune on a night out.

You can get the two of them for £1.38 on Sunday 14th August from Amazon. Anyone out there who's into deep, up-tempo, electronic music so needs to get these tunes in their life. They're both officially awesome.

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