Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday Download: 5.8.11

Amy Winehouse sadly died on Saturday 23 July 2011. The music world is still in mourning. These are three of my favourite non-singles from Back To Black; her most famous, eight times platinum, Grammy winning, number one album. Enjoy! I do not believe we should feel sad about her passing rather celebrate her wonderful talent.

Such truth in the title, Amy had a troubled life but she was totally dedicated to her music.
2.Some Unholy War
There were so many struggles in Amy's life: drink, drugs, press. There really was no need for it.
1.He Can Only Hold Her
Amy didn't have the easiest love life, it shaped her music to make it so true and meaningful.
Right that's the last Friday Download you're getting. I've got two Fridays off due to my holiday but I've scheduled a review to come up each week (like that's gonna work). There's The 2 Bears, Ed Sheeran and A Dominant Species (DnB trio from Northampton). After that it's the anticlimax that is Charttery. All together now...

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