Sunday, 3 July 2011

I Just Want You Clooooose

If you've ever read any of my posts before you'll know that I'm a massive fan of modern alternative pop records. So if you were expecting a review of Alicia Keys then I'm sorry to disappoint you but this one's about Hackman and his new song Close. Listeners of the Nick Grimshaw Show or Skream & Bengawill have heard this song before but otherwise I feel proud introducing you to this tune.

I never usually start my reviews on a low but Hackman, get a new name. If you're gonna have a violent name like Hackman (as in executioner not taxi driver) then make angry songs but if you're making melodic up-tempo dubstep then choose I nicer name (but not something cheesy like Buttercup or Sunshine). I know it's your surname but still. If any of you lovely readers have some good name ideas then I'd love to know but because Google's blogs are Terrible with a capital T you can't tell me. Sorry! But have fun coming up with some anyway.

Back to the song, it's basically a remix of the first four lines of No One with a sort of xylophone-chime bar thingy (check me out, the font of all knowledge when it comes to instruments) punching out a melody that sounds like it's from some African tribal celebration - with syncopated drumming on top. On paper it's mad but in real life it sounds really cool. The way he's made Alicia Keys' voice sound so deep and echoey proves he really is a technological maestro and therefore worthy of a review. Hackman is brilliant, full stop. <- there it is

If you're bothered (which you probably aren't) you may like to know that I have finally seen sense and started using paragraphs in my posts. And this is the paragraph I would like to call the remixes paragraph. I'm gonna give you a brief three words on each remix of this song. So if I love the remix I'll put something like: excellent turntable skills. But if I hate it I'll say something along the lines of: great track ruined. Here I go. Just searching now on YouTube. Broadband taking ages again. We're in! Time for my reviews. Only three words remember. Remix review number one: there aren't any. That's right no one has remixed this song. Which is a terrible shame because I think Magnetic Man could make this track their best ever if they were to give it a go. If you want to feel like a DJ yourself but can't be bothered to do any work, start Getting Nowhere below, wait for about 14 seconds until John Legend comes in and then press play on Close. If you get it right then the beats merge and it sounds awesome. If you get it wrong ... erm ... it doesn't sound so great. Best of luck.

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