Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nathan goes Major

Fans of Oxfordshire band Nation will be excited to hear that Nathan Major has released his debut album, Gasoline. And yes I know I said I would be promoting Northamptonshire music and have chosen the singer from a band based in Oxfordshire but Nathan is a local lad. Honest! Even if you've never heard of him before but like a good bit of feel-good pop rock then download the album anyway. If it charts I'll be proud. Come on guys it's only a tenner.

I've got a bit of a problem because the song isn't on YouTube so I can only describe it to you. Imagine My Chemical Romance but with Johnny Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd's vocals on top only not as polished or perfected. Actually from that shocking description you've probably got something in your head nothing like Nathan Major but, hey, at least I tried.

As you can see Nathan is on a journey, and he's only stopping to refuel. Where he'll end up next no one knows. So he's relying on the Power Of You to not Sit & Watch The World Go By but show an interest so he can Shine because he knows more than anyone that It Ain't Easy. But it'll be a long and successful journey nonetheless. I'm hoping that the Amazing Tunes rock and/or indie album charts feature heavily. Who's still buying ancient Metallica records? And if Gasoline the single charted I would be like a child on Christmas. So if you download the album and tell all your friends to and then they tell all their friends to then we should be getting somewhere. You can get it now from Amazing Tunes for nine-fifty. Bargain!

"Bedge, how do you find out about all these unkown local artists?" you may be asking. Well I'll tell you - I listen to BBC Introducing In Northampton. It's a great show on every Friday from 6pm-7pm (it's recently been made shorter by the cricket) on BBC Radio Northampton which you can catch online if you don't live in the local area. Or you can listen to your local Introducing if you look up when it goes out using the BBC Website or Local Radio section at the back of the RadioTimes. And on this show they had an interview with Mr Major himself. You can catch it on the Weekender Introducing along with the one and only Alan McGee. One of the questions asked in the interview was "Is Nathan Major your real name?" to which he replied "Well that's the mystery isn't it." Quick as a flash logical Tash (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) worked out that if it was his real name he would show off about it and they could all say how cool so it was so his name was obviously something like John Smith from down the road or any other boring names like that. No offence to any John Smiths. Well that ruined that one!

I really don't care what his name but if you're a rock fan then you need this album in your life. Fact.

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