Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Future of Albums (it's Medieval)

When you think of Kaiser Chiefs, revolutionary and ground-breaking might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Generic and feel-good would be higher on my list. But for their new album you (yes you) can choose ten of twenty songs for the tracklisting, design the cover, buy it for £7.50 and make a pound for every copy sold. Eight mates and you've made a profit, and you've got your own incredible Kaiser Chiefs album. Just go to their website. Be warned: everything looks very cheesy DIY, from the select-a-track-amatic to the illustratographer. So is this the future for albums?

The Kaiser Chiefs are certainly getting enough publicity from everyone who's talking about it: Zane Lowe, Chris Moyles, ASDA, The Guardian, Drowned in Sound, stupid armature bloggers who have nothing better to do... They could get their real album (The Future Is Medieval) to number one without even having to tour. Or, looking at it the other way round, they have an hour worth of new material to perform plus the bonus tracks at Electric Ballroom, Hard Rock Calling, Glastonbury, V Festival and any of the other stops on their massive European tour this Summer. This is exactly the kinda thing Lady Gaga or Arctic Monkeys should have done with their new albums - and I'm sure they'll be jumping on this bandwagon.

But does it work for everyone? If Adele did the same with her next album (inevitably called 23) would anyone give it a go? And minor bands would never be able to make enough money from it. Then there's the rubbish groups who'd never be able to make one album worthy song, let alone twenty. I mean, even I could do it but it'd fail to sell, make no money and sound like a cat getting strangled. More Big Shocks than Little Shocks! But if any of you have been conned out of £7.50, sorry, taken part in the scheme then let me know. Oh no, you can't, cos Google mucked up the comment box. Don't worry I have been complaining. You lovely lot'll be able to tell me how awful a blogger I am soon enough.

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