Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Download

First an apology. That's All is from Man From Another Time whilst Seasick Steve's new single is called You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks from the album by the same name. And sorry but that song would have beaten Status Quo. So anyone with a time machine go back and stop yourself downloading Status Quo and choose Seasick Steve instead. Secondly there was enough good new entries in Wednesday's singles chart update just to not bother with albums. Here are the top songs I think you should be downloading this weekend:

3. Josh Groban - To Where You Are
You know when you admire someone's voice even though you're not a massive fan...
2. Katy B - Easy Please Me
Anyone who can rhyme "bar" with "Olivia" deserves a place in my top 3.
1. Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me
Two charts topped in three days (mine matters more of course)

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