Thursday, 30 June 2011

8-Bits And Midis? It's All Too Technical For Me

There are people (and we all know one) whose only music listening is from Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto or one of those other games they waste their life away playing. And songs from those games do get into the genre-specific charts (e.g. Avenged Sevenfold's Not Ready To Die). But what about using basic seventies and eighties video game noises and making something incredible. Know anyone who listens to that sort of music? Well you will soon because now that I've scrapped Summer or Bummer (R.I.P.) I can promote local music from Northamptonshire and try to get them to go big. Not that MidiMidis haven't had enough of that!

Huw Stephens, Brett Anderson and Dave Rowntree have all declared there love for this band after their Big Chill and Reading & Leeds performances last year. So many magazines like NME and Mojo have given the brother-in-laws great reviews and I think it's about time that I follow suit by giving them the justice they deserve.

What they do is they take musical chips from old gaming consoles and turn them into a proper electropop song. It's incredible, it's genius but above all it's completely unique.

Their new seven minute EP The Despondent/It's Difficult is out for Amazon download now at about £1.50 (or $2 depending on whether you're British or American) so show your love for the band and download it. Believe me, it sounds like nothing you've ever heard before (not strictly true; it sounds like those old video game sounds you've heard before only this time it's actually good quality). And if you live locally, are over sixteen and have a few quid to spare then get down to the Labour Club on Thursday 30th June (today) from 7pm - 11pm where they're performing with teenage noise makers Blood-Visions. It's not to be missed.

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