Friday, 14 November 2014

EP Review: OhBoy! - EP#2

God look after this raucous rabble

Hey good looking,

Song so scratchy they could give you eczema, OhBoy! ought to issue a free pogo stick with each copy of their latest 7" it makes me want to jump around that much. House Of Pain should file a lawsuit. The noisy rockers pack one hell of a punch, harking back to the 90s with those distorted, lo-fi guitar riffs and lyrics about being a bit part in your own movie. That middle eight on 'Fashion Reaction'. Oh boy!

Weird story: OhBoy! actually invited me to star on the cover 'EP#1' because they reckoned I'd be able to look awkward on a bus.

'EP#2' is out now on 7" vinyl, CD and download through Lock & Key Records


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