Friday, 10 October 2014

Single Review: Greg Coulson - Squat That Rabbit

Evoking the blues clubs of a fifties teenage America, this Taj Mahal cover is dazzlingly feel-good

Hey good looking,

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, 23 year old Greg Coulson has played for 2 Tone pioneers The Selecter since he was nineteen. Now also hard at work fronting his own band, 'Squat That Rabbit' is a cover of and tribute to the blues badass Taj Mahal from a forthcoming debut album and, in keeping with the rabbit theme, we're getting all carrot no stick from the cracking Mr Coulson. A blast of raucous, high-octane fun; something to really let your hare down to.

I could keep rabbiting on (okay I'll stop now) but just give the song a spin and I hope you'll agree with me that Greg is a hugely refreshing new musician from the world of R&B - and that's something that definitely warren-ts (last one I swear) you checking him out live should the opportunity arise. You'd be hopping mad not to.


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