Friday, 26 September 2014

Single Review: An Army Of Lights - We Don't Wanna Go

They don't wanna go. And I seriously hope they never do.

Hey good looking,

"With the lights out we can see" sings Chris Serbyn on An Army Of Lights' latest indie colossus. Its always reassuring to know one of your favourite local bands are eating enough carrots. As well as taking their Vitamin A levels seriously, the Northampton lads make soaring, addictive guitar music that has earnt them numerous support slots - including Miles Kane and Dog Is Dead - along with an impressive live following here in their home town. And you can hear why.

It's not that the band's songs aren't usually huge enough, it's just that this one's so big it could use Michael Jordan as a toothpick. Seriously, this thing's close to encroaching on Maxïmo Park territory. First and foremost the dynamics are excellent: it might start melodically but that chorus can't be contained for long and as the bass drum kicks in the four-piece launch into blistering guitar riffs, a cascade of drums and an anthemic, almost boozy chant of "we don't wanna go". The part that really does it for me though is that urgent "wait on the other side" build. Just epic.

'We Don't Wanna Go' will be available to download from Monday 6th October.


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